36 Views of Mount Fuji (1858) – Hiroshige

Table of Contents

Ichikobu Bridge in the Eastern Capital

The Suruga District in the Eastern Capital

Sukiyagahsi in the Eastern Capital

Off Tsukuda Island in the Eastern Capital

Ochanomizu in the Eastern Capital

Ryogoku in the Eastern Capital

The Sumida Embankment in the Eastern Capital

Mt. Asuka in the Eastern Capital

The Teahouse with the View of Mt. Fuji at Zoshigawa

Twilight Hill at Meguro in the Eastern Capital

Wild Goose Hill and the Tone River

Koganei in Musashi Province

The Tama River in Musashi Province

Koshigaya in Musashi Province

Noge and Yokohama in Musashi Province

Cherry Blossoms at Hommoku in Musashi Province

The Sea off the Miura Peninsula in Sagami Province

The Sagami River

The Seven Ri Beach in Sagami Province

The Entrance Gate at Enoshima

Lake at Hakone

The Izu Mountains

The Sea off Satta in Suruga Province

The Pine Forest of Mio in Suruga Province

Fuji on the Left of the Tokaido Road

The Oi River between Suruga and Totomi Provinces

Futami Bay in Ise Province

Lake Suwa in Shinano Province

Shiojiri Pass in Shinano Province

Misaka Pass in Kai Province

The Otsuki Plain in Kai Province

Dog Eye Pass in Kai Province

Kogane Plain in Shimosa Province

Kuroto Bay in Kazusa Province

Mt. Rokusu in Kazusa Province

The Hoda Coast in Awa Province

36 Views of Mount Fuji (Hiroshige)